Pic Film is one of the swiss pioneers in independent film production, founded in 1967. Based in Massagno Switzerland, from the very beginning the company has been a laboratory of craft, uniting directors, cameramen, sound recordists, editors, sound mixers and actors. The first 20 years of its experience focused on the production of fiction feature films such as "L’Aria Serena dell’ovest" by Silvio Soldini and "Notre dame de la croisette" by Daniel Schmid. Since the 1990s Pic Film has turned its attention more towards creative documentaries such as the award winning "Dhobighat" by Giorgio Garini. Today Pic film works at 360 degrees: from production to shooting and post-production. The main aim of Pic Film is to promote high-level swiss auteur films through the work of talented and emerging filmmakers, launching their work in the european and international markets.


Nicola Genni, CEO

Nicola Genni, born in Lugano (1960), studied filmmaking at the London Film School in the 1980s. He has worked as director of photography on many indipendent documentaries such as "Musiche che bruciano" and "Made in Lombardia" by Silvio Soldini, "Mussolini, Churchill e cartoline" by Villi Hermann and "Les ennemis de la Mafia" by Claude Goretta. Since 1998 Genni manages Pic-Film and works as a producer, continuing the experience of his parents Sergio e Caterina Genni, founders of the company.